The experience of many years teaches:
Our memories and our imaginations, even when they are still fresh in our minds, are deceptive.
Is the wall really two metres wide or only 180 centimetres? Which of the infinite number of colour shades is in the immediate vicinity of the new work of art to be acquired? How do the new artwork and the existing space influence each other? How much dynamic do I want and how much is too much?
Many questions that are very difficult to answer from a distance. For this reason, it has been a free service of our gallery for many years that we visit you in your home with a selection of our paintings if you are interested in them. There it will quickly become clear whether you are as enthusiastic about the work of art in your rooms as you are in the gallery and whether the effect is exactly as you imagined. Because only when everything is just right will you be truly satisfied.
And that is our goal.
Take advantage of this service and contact us.