Galerie Geißler Bentler

In the city of Bonn you will find the Galerie Geißler Bentler in representative rooms on the edge of the pedestrian zone in the immediate vicinity of Ludwig van Beethoven's birthplace. Bonn's major museums, such as the Bundeskunsthalle (Federal Art Gallery) and the Styrian Museum of Art, are also within easy reach from here. Galerie Geißler Bentler has been active in the traditional art trade since the late 1980s and specialises in contemporary art from the second half of the 20th century to the present day, with a focus on ZERO art.

But time and again we also take the occasion of museum exhibitions in the surrounding area to accompany them with corresponding exhibitions in our gallery. Be it the Heinz Mack exhibitions in the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn or in the Museum Küppersmühle in Duisburg, the Günther Uecker exhibition in the K 20 in Düsseldorf or the Gerhard Richter exhibition in the Städtisches Kunstmuseum in Bonn. But we also accompanied the unveiling of the Beethoven sculpture by Markus Lüpertz in Bonn's Stadtgarten or the erection of ARC ´89 by Bernar Venet on the Trajekt roundabout in Bonn with corresponding presentations of the respective artists in the gallery. In this way, the gallery sees itself as a mirror of art culture in the wider environment.
This activity is complemented by the presentation and promotion of emerging, new artistic positions, which occupy an ever broader space in the portfolio and to which the future belongs. This classic gallery work is particularly important to us, as we have always thought übeyond the day and thus want to bind promising artists to the gallery and participate in their success for the benefit of our collectors and clients.

Thematically, these positions fit into the gallery's questions: The question of light in art, of the third dimension in painting and graphic art and of new forms of expression.
Above all, we are on a very successful path with the artists Bettina Hachmann, Martin Noël, André Schweers and Marius Singer. But we will also accompany other, more recent positions on this path of promotion and support through trade fair appearances and exhibitions.
But the motivation and basis of our actions is joy. The joy of the art we present in the gallery and the joy of dealing with the many people we meet on our way and who share the joy of art with us.