Printed Matter 2018

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Vernissage 27. July 2018

Ausstellungsdauer 27. July to 27. August 2018

Katharina Sieverding, pioneer and icon of photographic art, recipient of many awards, in 2017 the Käthe Kollwitz Prize of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, exhibited in museums all over the world, also in 2017 in a spectacular show at the Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, came to the Galerie Bernd Bentler.

... We find ourselves as image space within image space, projecting each other, making each other bigger, distorting, cutting and wiring ourselves, oscillating among ourselves. In this respect, TESTCUT's effet-loaded projections also refer, as it were, to the discharge of a "tension of bodily collective innervation" - although this now results primarily from image-technical operations or, rather, from the economy of material surfaces. (from "Katharina Sieverding - TESTCUTS PROJECTED DATA IMAGES", Quadriennale 2010 Düsseldorf, text excerpt: "Proben-raum", Rainer Bellenbaum)

The artist was present. You can read about her activities, such as art awards, solo and group exhibitions etc. in Bonn in the following PDF: Katharina Sieverding Exhibitions in Bonn

The following spoke: Ms Susanne Kleine, curator of the exhibition KATHARINA SIEVERDING, KUNST UND KAPITAL Werke von 1967 bis 2017 at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn.

A catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition: Katharina Sieverding Catalogue

Her art is extremely versatile and diverse:
"Her serial photographic works are an expression of refl exions both about her own identity and the individual, about gender discourses and the necessary emancipation of the role of the artist, as well as about the societal, political, social and cultural present. Her archive is a memory and knowledge store that reflects the artist's subjective perception of contemporary events and themes and thus conveys an image of the respective time. She thinks through daily events and makes visual, artistic "diagnoses" - taking into account her own person and history. The permanent confrontation with the medium of film/cinema remains visible in many of her works to this day, just as she - coming from stage design - knows about the power of the magical image space and the subversive-critical power of a visual statement." (Citation: Publication of the Bundes kunsthalle, Bonn)

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