Bettina Hachmann

About the things of life

Paintings on canvas and paper, sculpture and graphic art

Vernissage 20. April 2018

Ausstellungsdauer 21. April to 21. May 2018

Bettina Hachmann has been a member of the gallery's team of artists for ten years. During this time, we have presented her work in three solo exhibitions. Now Bettina Hachmann has created a bronze sculpture exclusively for the gallery's clients, which communicates with her new print, but also with all her other paintings.

Bettina Hachmann convinces with the formal aesthetics of her paintings as well as with the philosophical background of her works. The contrasts between surface and line, the third dimension in the openings of her canvas paintings and the enlivenment of the surface by layering transparent applications of paint lead to unmistakable works with a great signature of their own. If you look deeper, your signs on the canvas tell stories of the ups and downs of life and of time and how we deal with it.

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