Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is about quality, about shortage or even about abundance! The discussion about water has been intensifying for years. The perspectives that come up are so diverse. Even without the current events in our region, this topic is latent in the discussion, since it is the medium that gave rise to life and without which there is no life.

Unfortunately, however, the topic is often distorted politically and instrumentalised for one's own purposes or documented exclusively for scientific purposes.

That's why we think it's important to take a different look at this topic. Unbiased, without a pointing finger, without „You should“ or „You must not“. And a gallery does this through the medium of art. Because art has a meaning, a relevance, only much quieter and more subtle than the often irritating headlines of the news.

Our new exhibition „Sea Level“ with the artist Ulrika Eller-Rüter is a prime example of this. Here, aesthetics, theme and statement work together in a triad. As the title of the exhibition already suggests, the artist deals with „water“, which almost by itself „paints“ the artworks with the pigments dissolved in it within the framework of the colour and aesthetic space specified by the artist.

The mere preoccupation with the different capacities of water heightens our senses for this medium. The perspective with which we look at it changes. The positive, luminous colouring of the artworks does its part and cuts into our thinking. Thinking and feeling become one.

But Ms Eller-Rüter also shows us that every different water in this world leaves its own, different and unmistakable trace in the drying process by making all the substances it contains visible again. And it is hard to believe. There is something very touching about the aesthetics of this visualisation of water, its drop objects.


One realises that our thinking and the resulting actions are of global significance. Water, available in so many different ways around the world, is our life. That is why the artist, in cooperation with the non-profit association Djarama, supports the construction of wells in West Guinea with the direct participation of the local people by donating the entire profit from the sale of the drop objects to Djarama.


Below you will get a first impression of Ulrika Eller-Rüter's work and you can have a look at our exhibition catalogue, which will be published at the vernissage.


We are looking forward to your personal participation and, of course, to welcoming you to the gallery.