Michael Cleff


Plastic work

Vernissage 24. March 2023

Ausstellungsdauer 24. March to 06. May 2023



Exhibition period 24.03. - 06.05.2023

"To take the world selectively out of the oppressive clamp
from the oppressive grip of the unambiguous into the vague, the open.
requires great precision. Michael Cleff's art
is to place his buildings precisely on the fuzzy edge of a multiple
on the blurred edge of a multiple in-between.
- more precisely: they are this built space. "*.
*Walter Lokau

We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening
friends to the opening of the exhibition on Friday
24.03.2023, at 7:30 pm in the Gallery Geißler Bentler,
Friedrichstr. 55, in 53111 Bonn.

Welcome: Jenny Geißler-Bentler, Gallery Owner
Opening speech: Dr. Gabriele Uelsberg, art historian

The artist will be present.
A catalogue will be published in conjunction with the exhibition.
We kindly ask you to register.

Jenny Geißler-Bentler and Bernd Bentler

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