Marius Singer

infinite - immeasurable

Painting, works on paper and sculptures

Vernissage 11. March 2022

Ausstellungsdauer 12. March to 22. April 2022

For a long time we thought about whether we should hold this event. The question we asked ourselves was: does an exhibition opening fit into a time when there is war in Ukraine, when there is shooting, bombing and in the end killing. The question was whether we should cancel this event or not.

As you have already noticed, we decided to hold the exhibition opening. I would like to discuss the reasons for this with you now.

The occasion for this was a radio report by WDR 5, which reported on several art events that had the motto: Art against war! I don't want to talk about the content of these events now, only about the fact that this contribution was something like an initial spark to think about how far the artworks of Marius Singer would fit into this theme: Art against war!

In the letter accompanying the invitation card to this exhibition, we wrote the following:

"And so images of infinite vastness and immeasurable depth are created, images that take people on a journey to the ends of the earth, and yes, sometimes even to the infinite vastness and immeasurable depth of their own souls."

All of us who have come here tonight in such numbers, we don't really know each other. Some people you know a little better, others are rather strangers to you. So we cannot know or guess what each of us would find and see in the "infinite vastness and immeasurable depth" of our souls. In the end, it would be none of our business.

But one thing, we can say with certainty, we would find in each of you. For sure! The intense desire for and love of peace and freedom! In each of you!

How can we know that? Why are we so sure of it?

If we look around here, we find quite a few people who already own one, sometimes even two or more of Marius Singer's paintings and think they are great, many others have come because they appreciate the artist's work and want to get to know him.

These are works that, as we wrote to you, "unite almost all the landscapes of this world in one picture", including those in Russia and also those in Ukraine. In the works of art of Marius Singer, however, there are no tanks rolling, there is no bombing, there is no shooting and there is no hurting and no killing!

On the contrary! Peace reigns in the works of art of Marius Singer, the peace of nature reigns there, perhaps, if you like, divine peace reigns in them!

And whoever loves these pictures also loves peace and freedom. There is no other way. And that is why we can be so sure about this, even if we do not know each of you down to the depths of your soul: In each of you lives the intense desire for peace and freedom. And that unites us here!

And so, ladies and gentlemen, whether you want it or not, whether you intended it or not, you are on a small demonstration for peace in Ukraine, but also on a demonstration for peace in all other places in this world.

This is the message that Marius Singer sends in his paintings, that you, ladies and gentlemen, send through your presence, that we all send together to the world. And that can only be done by art that has a content, a message! Art against war!

Exhibition duration: 11.03.2022 - 22.04.2022

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